Search Engine Optimization is as dynamic a process as it is beneficial. That is why the tools and tactics deployed by a company for the purpose of SEO need to be upgraded from time to time.

Some emerging trends in SEO

Like every other technical aspect, the scopes and objectives of SEO changes from time to time as well. Given how the fundamental idea of the internet is interconnectivity, changing patterns in on technology effects all others, and SEO is not an exception. Here are some of the newer trends which every SEO company in Hobart, Australia is trying to follow for now.


Specification of User Intent

Online content is going through the same phase that the entire industrial sector once went through collectively – adapting to the changing preferences of the audience and delivering them what they want to see and read instead of the other way round. If your target audience is showing more interest in images and videos than regular text, or they are in need of manuals and tutorials than generic pieces, than that is what you have to create and provide to increase audience engagement.

Machine Learning

The newest kid on the block of factors that influence SEO, Machine Learning is basically a concept that further facilitates search engines to solve complex problems and find more precisely accurate results for every search. Spams are more easily detected, low quality content are more easily segregated and poor link building are more easily omitted by Google other search engines with the help of automated Machine Learning.

Optimizing beyond Google

Google is not the only search engine being targeted by SEO tactics anymore. Users are interested in a diversified nature of content, which includes pictures, videos, podcasts, mobile applications, and more, which is why many other content directories are being largely used. It becomes important for companies to optimize ranking in app stores, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, and other offbeat platforms.

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