Here is Why a Mobile-First Website is No More an Option

//Here is Why a Mobile-First Website is No More an Option

Here is Why a Mobile-First Website is No More an Option

It’s almost 2020 and there is no denying the fact that people are living in the mobile-first world. And Google knows it aptly!

Understanding the importance of smartphones and their intervention in daily lives, Google always prioritized the same. This tech giant tends to remain a step ahead with its algorithm for maximum user satisfaction.

So, what’s the point?

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For both the initiated and the uninitiated, since 2011, Google has declared responsiveness of a website as a major ranking factor. And this time the overload of the search engines announced something serious that has left the marketers agape.

More insights:

In a recent announcement, Google announced to default mobile-indexing for every new website from July 1, 2019. The company has thus, once again changed its algorithms to benefit the users at large. However, old websites won’t default to mobile-indexing for Google will gauge the old websites to understand the readiness of the sites.

Google will use certain factors to get through this evaluation process. The primary aspects are mentioned below:

  1. Structured data
  2. Videos
  3. Backlinks
  4. Images and videos
  5. Content
  6. Meta tags
  7. Title & descriptions

That being said, there is more to it. Google won’t send any sort of Search Console related notification to the old websites which are not mobile-ready in nature. Therefore, marketers should immediately make their sites responsive in order to gel with Google and its users. People who will forgo this feature are surely going to  miss out on a huge number of customers and prospects.

To do away with this conundrum, the best bet is to transform a desktop-type site into a mobile-first one. With the aid of a professional web development service, marketers can ensure high-quality design and development.

Final Thought

Google values smartphones for people prefer the same. Therefore, risking online traffic and sales by ignoring the mobile-first index will be a fool’s call. More than 50% of traffic is generated from the phones. Hence, to thrive a business online marketers have to pay heed to this new change for it is no more an option, but a necessity!

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