osCommerce eCommerce website development

///osCommerce eCommerce website development

osCommerce eCommerce website development

Ecommerce is the pivotal for any business and it can also help in managing content and products online. Which help the people in having very good sales in online marketing. OsCommerce is fully-featured and open source shopping cart application. People can easily uphold their online stores with a very less amount of efforts. People also did not have to buy and license fees for working in Os Commerce. OsCommerce includes the open source solutions which offers the free and open eCommerce platform. It includes the powerful PHP web scripting language, with steady apache web server and with fast MySql database server.

The main and standard features of OsCommerce are as follows

•    the OsCommerce is compatible with the PHP 4 versions and above
•    it supports the multilingual languages like English, German and Spanish.
•    People can easily integrate the OsCommerce into their existing site very easily.
•    It can able to support the dynamic images very easily.
•    OsCommerce can easily support the unlimited product as well as categories support.
•    People can easily able to add/Edit/Remove the categories very easily.
•    It has very good administration area which is secured with the username and password which can be defined during installation.
•    Administrator can able to contact customer directly via email or the newsletters.
•    OsCommerce gives very good option for easily backup and restore of the database.
•    It give the HTML based product descriptions with automated display.
•    It gives the functionality for customers to receive the related emails and newsletters.
•    It offers the numerous offline payment processing and also give previllage of disabling the payment services based on the zone basis.
•    It allso offer the shipping functionality with  weight, price and destination one the shipping modules.
•    People can easily implement the flexible tax implementation according to state and country wise basis.

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