360 Degree Promotion Plane For Leads Generation

Generate Leads For College, University By 360 Degree Marketing Plan

Colleges and universities all want to lure the best and brightest students. Increasingly, colleges are peeking for ways to market themselves. Many learning institutions are marketing their online learning programs, degree programs, and campuses. So, it's hard for future students to stand out. When choosing the right school, students must consider a lot of factors. Is it expensive? Are there any notable alumni? Is this college a good place to pursue career opportunities? These queries must be answered while presenting your school as its unique environment. Your college will receive more interest if you use these college marketing strategies.

Services offered by 360 Degree Promotion Plane For Leads Generation:

  • YouTube channel management
  • Instagram account management
  • Google my business promotion
  • SEO and Digital marketing
  • Facebook account management

YouTube Channel Management

As we know, there are around 2.6 billion users active every day. With YouTube, there is a large audience. This audience will help others to decide on various factors. With promotion on YouTube, your video will reach students. Then, they'll contact you to ask various questions. This will help you in getting leads.

Google My Business Promotion

It is well known that Google creates business pages. The page will be created according to the target location. Assume your college/ university is in Punjab, then you must add Punjab as a location. You should register your college at that address after Google approves your college location. Then google business posts will get more visibility in that place. We also manage to google my business.

SEO And Digital Marketing

Digital marketing relies heavily on SEO because it helps you rank higher on Google. This enables you to make your website content more search engine-friendly and gain more traffic.

Instagram Account Management

As we already know, Instagram is rising day by day. Everyone has their own Instagram account. We help you to promote your college page on Instagram. People will have your college listing and phone number on Instagram.

Facebook Account Management

It is the biggest platform. Around 2.5 billion active users use it every day. Here we will create a listing of your college or university. This will help the audience to get your listing. It will include photos or videos, and they will quickly connect with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do universities advertise?

    To attract students, school officials insist that they are promoting their academic profile first and foremost. These high-tech extras and other enticements are intended to enhance students' college experience, happiness, and ultimately their academic success.

  • Social media now influences how people communicate, share information, broadcast events, update people, and create a community. The pervasiveness of social media is nowhere more evident than at universities, where technology is redefining how students connect, collaborate, and study.

  • Social media promotes self-directed learning, which prepares students to search for answers and make decisions independently. When reinforced in a classroom setting, these social media skills can be guided and refined to produce better learning outcomes and critical awareness.

  • Positive inspiration: Social networks can create peer motivation, inspiring young people to develop healthy habits, try something new, follow their dreams, and speak up about things that matter to them. Teens can also find positive role models online.

  • You can become an expert in a subject you love.

    University can prepare you for a specific career path.

    Graduates earn more.

    Uni gives you time to gain work experience.

    You'll get a taste of independence.

    You will gain high-level transferable skills.

    It can broaden your mind.

    You may not gain technical skills.

  • The benefits of a university educationUniversity graduates gain professional qualifications that are recognized and respected worldwide.

    University graduates are offered higher pay and greater financial stability.

    University graduates are given the option to fast-track their careers with graduate study.

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