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Verve Logic offers different services and products to its customers and clients. Among the important products which the company offers to its customers is included Team Tracker, a tracking application that aims to help client business to confront with business challenges by keeping a track on marketing as well as onsite sales team. Team Tracker helps to schedule the tasks of a team effectively. It helps to make the tasks more manageable. Besides, the software helps to monitor the updated location of the client business, the business owner and its team members and optimize the field job. The mobile app allows the customers, business teams to update their work status on a regular basis and receive dynamic allocation of their work. The web admin panel allows the managers to track the movement remotely and view the work status on a regular basis. The Team Tracker Development Company helps to amplify the client company revenue as well as coordinate with the team in a precise manner. Business clients can very well know when the sales team are done with the tasks and when to assign the sales team more tasks. The Team Tracker Software is ideal to monitor and enhance the work productivity of a business.

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