Why Magento is more secure for eCommerce website?

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Why Magento is more secure for eCommerce website?

Magento is nowadays the most wanted platform to develop an eCommerce website.

A recent study based on comparison between wordpress and Magento based website revealed, that wordpress is simply content management platform, whereas Magento is highly designed to benefit a eCommerce based platform.

Magento is highly secure as its regular update versions are supported with inbuilt technologies, which makes an eCommerce website highly secure from attackers as well hackers.

Following certain tips, Magento gives wide range of benefits to the business owner in his eCommerce website. Multiple features and capacity to launch wide range of products and images, help rate Magento higher compared to any business platform available globally.

Magento offers faster development, and using best team support, you can very well have the most secured Magento based eCommerce website just in 2 weeks.

Magento offers most secured eCommerce platforms because you can do numerous techniques which helps in securing your eCommerce platform and secure confidential customer information.

These techniques available through Magento are,

  • It allows adding new features as Magento regularly updates its version. Using updated version regularly help keep attacker at bay always and anywhere.
  • It allows secure directories and files.
  • It gives user a platform to secure different URL’s and even admin URL’s
  • It helps in restricting access to admin panel by IP
  • It comes with feature of two step authentication for admin access, this further adds security to a Magento based eCommerce platform.
  • It allows using secure FTP.
  • It allows Lockdown / downloader directory. This helps mitigate Brute force attack.
  • It allows applying security patches.
  • You can very well scan the site and best is doing it quarterly.
  • It allows all sites and content over HTTPS/ SSL security features.

With so many advantages and features associated with Magento based eCommerce platform. It makes it the best available eCommerce platform and that too highly secure in nature.

Magento in present times is the most faster developing eCommerce platforms, and gives features which no other near platform gives currently.

Having Magento based eCommerce platform is the best of the best platform for your ever secure eCommerce business. Quality Zone Infotech have developers trained enough to roll out the Magento based eCommerce website and we are simple the best in the industry.

Get in touch with us, and we surely like and love to serve you and that too serve you best in the industry.

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