To market your business on Youtube successfully. firstly, you have to know about Youtube that how much audience it contains, and how all the things are working on Youtube. Firstly Youtube is one of the highest useable social media platforms which contains more than 2.7 billion active users per month which means it will give a huge marketplace for advertising. And the second thing is that you can also use Youtube for marketing and advertisement but for the advertisement you have to pay Youtube.

Here is some important information about YouTube Marketing:-

1. Don’t use YouTube for the “hard sell”
2. Have a clear goal and strategy
3. Post regularly
4. Use pictures and videos
5. Use YouTube insight to know more about your customers

These points will help you to get a good amount of audience for your business.  Now we are moving on to the YouTube ads. YouTube ads is a service that is provided by YouTube for the target audience and does the advertisements for your service and product.



Types of Youtube ads Formats:-

Your ads Format depends on your advertisement.
1. Image Ads
It is the easiest Youtube ad to create. It is very simple that an eye-catchy image that is attractive and makes a good impact on the visitor. Always remember that don’t use too much text on your actual image otherwise Youtube will give less the reputation of your ad. This ad will help you with brand awareness and Selling products.

2. Video ads
It is very similar to image ads, just with video! According to Youtube requirements, your ads should be using a maximum of 15 seconds or less video for your ads as per the user engagement. Try to tell your information in short or get leave your message across in those 15 seconds to leave a lasting impression.

3. Slideshow ads
The video alternative. Youtube gives permission to use multiple images to make a slideshow for your ads. Use any multiple images available which are related to your products or services. Youtube has some tools at the ad creation level which will help you to add effects to your slideshow and music too. Always try to use unique content because unique content will help you to increase your sales and also rank up. In the market, there are lots of Youtube Marketing Services Companies in India who are providing Youtube Marketing Services India which is very helpful because in the agencies all the work is done by the Youtube Page Promotion Marketing Services Expert who has good experience and they can easily handle your Youtube page and campaigns.



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