Facebook Page Marketing Expert is telling us about how we can use Facebook Advertising in the right way to promote our business and reach the targeted audience.

Let’s discuss the type of Facebook ads by Facebook Page Management Agency –


Types of Facebook ads

 1. Show Off Your Services with Facebook Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are collections of photo information for displaying multiple e-commerce products (or multiple parts of the same services) in a single swipe-able ad.

Carousel ads give advertisers to show up to 10 pictures or recordings—with 10 distinctive CTAs—in one advertisement and connect to various greeting pages from each board of the Carousel.

If you having any issues with Facebook carousel Ads, you can contact Facebook Page Management Agency they will help you with that.

2. Grow Your Reach with Page Post Engagement Ads

As of now appreciate a considerable measure of page likes on your business’s Facebook page, yet battling to arrive at most of your supporters? It’s a typical issue for a lot of businesses.

Facebook’s algorithm only permits your organic posts so much openness—so on the off chance that you have 100-page likes, and you present something naturally for you,  it’s possible that only 30% or so of your followers will see that post.

To set up engagement ads, only choose the “Engagement” marketing objective.“Engagement” for this situation incorporates comments, shares, likes, event responses, and offer claims. By running commitment promotions, you get your substance a group of people with individuals who effectively like, remark, and in any case interface with it.


Keep It Simple with Facebook GIF Ads

The good judgment says that the shorter a video is, the simpler it is to get possibilities to keep close by for the whole thing. For reasons unknown, measurements say exactly the same thing:


GIFs look incredible on portable and are a synchronize to make. Facebook GIF promotions ought to be smooth and inconspicuous, yet enough to get your possibility’s attention.


 Your Facebook Advertising Account

3. Dig for data with Facebook Analytics



Facebook Analytics comes loaded with various valuable highlights that permit you to perceive how prospects and clients are associating with your site, application, Facebook page, and so forth. This previous month, however, at F8—Facebook’s yearly designer meeting—individuals at Facebook reported various new highlights going to Analytics’ now full suite. Coming up next was foremost among them:

  • A new mobile app. Like Google Analytics, you would now be able to audit measurements from your paid social missions on your brilliant gadget.
  • Auto-detected funnels. Utilize man-made reasoning to discover repeating ways clients take inside your site or application.
  • Custom insights. Add occasions inside Facebook Analytics to create custom bits of knowledge.

Obviously, no significant following can happen without the Facebook Pixel.

4. Structure Your Account The Right Way


Facebook financial plans are controlled at the advertisement set level rather than the mission level—a reality that takes into consideration a lot more noteworthy authority over the amount you spend on explicit crowds. Our endorsed formula for account structure achievement looks similar to this:

  • Pick a mission reliant upon your specific promoting objective. In case you need to guide individuals to your presentation page just as the driving application presents, make two particular missions.
  • Break out ad sets in view of refined focusing on and planning.
  • Cycle those promotion sets through your current missions to figure out where your most minimal expense per-obtaining (CPA) lies.


That’s All,

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