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WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management system (CMS) that is used worldwide to increase the visibility of a website in a cost effective way. With numerous available plugins and templates, WordPress offers a simple yet flexible interface to host your website. Quality Zone Infotech is one of the best WordPress design and development service providers in Noida, India. We have a great team of highly talented and experienced web developers who specialize in WordPress creating the most effective solutions to your website.

Why choose WordPress?

  • Cost effective: WordPress is extremely cost effective if compared to any other platforms for website designing and development. The maintenance of the website post installation is much easier too.
  • Social media integration: WordPress theme websites are very well connected with the social media websites that allow you to notify your readers or followers of fresh content updates.
  • Responsive web design: WordPress website designs come with the benefit of responsive web technology which allows you to use the same website for different devices.
  • Great platform for eCommerce: Woocommerce, a plugin for WordPress is designed to perfectly suit the needs of small to large sized online stores due to its simplicity in installation and maintenance.
  • Easy migration from one designer to the next: WordPress operates on a universal open source platform which makes it very easy for a smooth transition from one designer to another.
  • Easy accessibility: You can update and make changes to your WordPress website by accessing it through the internet from anywhere.
  • SEO friendly: Websites built in WordPress allow easy Google indexing with its simple codes making them highly SEO friendly. You can utilize the SEO components fro each page allowing you to select which page you want to rank higher in search engines.
  • Themes and plugins: WordPress comes with themes and plugins which makes it easy to enhance the experience of the websites with unique and user friendly features in a few easy steps.
  • Content management: WordPress theme websites facilitates easy and fast content updation which is a huge help in managing the featured content in a website. In just a few easy steps the content can be updated to keep up with the tactical campaigns that may be required.
  • Secure: WordPress: Websites can be developed with advanced security features making it hack-proof.

Quality Zone Infotech has developed numerous websites in the WordPress platform and is equipped to provide you with the best services for your website with this simple yet efficient content management system.

Services that we provide in WordPress design and development

  • WordPress web development: We can help you build your WordPress website with customized content and constant maintenance.
  • Woocommerce web development: We specialize in developing eCommerce websites using Woocommerce plugin of WordPress which enhances user and host experience by many levels.
  • Theme development: We help you develop your website based on the theme that you opt for from the wide range of WordPress themes.
  • WordPress responsive web development: We help you to reach out to a wider audience by targeting the mobile users with the WordPress responsive we development.
  • Template design based on WordPress: Our team of developers can help you select the best template design from WordPress and develop it accordingly as per your requirement.
  • Customized Plug in development: Our developers can help you enhance the experience in your website with added functionalities using various WordPress plugin features.
  • Installation and configuration: Once the website development is finished we provide its complete installation and configuration.
  • Support and maintenance: We offer constant support and maintenance to our clients during the development process and post installation as well.
  • Migration into WordPress: Incase your website is in any CMS, we can help you migrate to WordPress in a smooth and effective manner without any hassles.

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Services that we provide in WordPress design and development

Why choose us?

There are various reasons why you should choose us over any other WordPress design and development service providers in Noida, India;

  • We have a great team of skilled developers with experience in WordPress, developing high quality and responsive website design for over 250 clients across the world.
  • We are equipped to customize the design and development of the website as per the client requirements.
  • We have an experienced team in building Woocommerce websites that enhances the user experience .
  • You can have your website hosted free of charges on the Quality Zone Infotech server for as long as you like.
  • Our developers are well versed with the latest versions of WordPress and assure you 100% satisfaction with on time delivery of your website.
  • We are not only available 24X7 to assist you with your queries but offer you 3 months of free technical support for your website.
  • We offer end to end personalized support starting from the concept visualization, development, installation and configuration of the website.

Contact us to get seamless service in the development of your website with the utmost dedication  to provide  the very best in every step.

More About Website Development

Php Development

Php is an open source technology and a server side language. It is use for website development. It helps us to provide backend functionality in the website. It is also use to connect database with the web page. It is freely available for any platform. PHP has some frameworks that work on model, view and controller pattern like Laravel, Code Igniter, Cake PHP, Zend etc. We can create a dynamic and powerful website using php.

WordPress Development

WordPress is content management system of php. We can easily create a dynamic website in less time using WordPress. In WordPress, We can use plugin for the form, navigation, slider, cart and more functionality. It provides high level security to the website. After installing WordPress we have to activate theme and plugins. In WordPress we can also develop our own plugins. Mostly bloggers use WordPress based website because they can get a powerful website in low price and less time.

Joomla Development

Joomla is open source content management system. It has ability to handle multiple users with different level of authorization. It is used to publish and manage web content, data and information. Joomla provides great platform to enhance your business of website design and development. It is a flexible system that can easily optimize and customize. Some most popular website made in Joomla is Linux, the hill, it wire, MTV Greece, the fashion sport etc.

Magento Development

It is a content management system. It is paid as well as open source. By using Magento we can easily create and handle an online store. In Magento we can install plugin and extension of third party to make the website creative. Magento based website will be SEO friendly and custom segmentation. Magento has ability to manage catalog, tool for advertising and marketing and mobile responsive website.

Opencart Development

Open cart is open source technology use to develop web applications. We can easily manage customers, orders, code of coupon etc. using Opencart. It is mostly use in Ecommerce website for manage cart system. It is a store management system. There is some amazing website that is developed in open cart like WoodenPosters, ChocoConcept, Wholesale Box, tbuy etc. OpenCart’s Website can easily manage multi store and its functionality.

Drupal Development

Drupal is also an open source content management system. It is written in php. It is use to create a powerful dynamic website. It is use for big project. In Drupal, we can enhance our website functionality by creating modules and integrating external services. We use some terms like site builder and themer for website in Drupal. It is reliable in performance and powerful security.

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