The second-largest engine in the world is YouTube. YouTube has roughly 1 Billion account holders. There are billions of people who access YouTube videos on daily basis. Around 6 billion hours of videos on an average per hour are watched on YouTube. So it can be a huge traffic source for your business. So it will prove very beneficial for your business if you rank on the top for the keywords on YouTube.

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Some of the best YouTube SEO tips are given below:

1. Keyword Video Tool
The keywords for a video play an important role in the YouTube SEO. So it is important to find out the correct keyword. A lot of keywords finder tool is available. One such tool is the Google Planner Tool. With the help of Google Planner Tool, you can search the keywords for your video and can also have a look at the competition keywords.
This process requires lots of skills and the YouTube Marketing Company in Delhi will assist you to find the best keywords for your video.

2. Video Quality
The quality of the video should be good so that people who view your video can see it without any issues. The video should be recorded in 1080p which is considered an HD video. This is because such videos will look great on any kind of device.

3. Title Tag Information
While uploading the video to YouTube, the title of the video should be catchy so that it helps to drive the viewers to your video. The title should be best and unique as this helps to give the rank to the video. The YouTube Channel Promotion Service helps the user to get the top ranking of their videos.

4. Research on multiple Search Engines
Filtering out the best keywords can sometimes be a very tedious task. So it is very important to collect data from various search engines like Bing, Google, Firefox, and many more to find the best keywords for your YouTube videos. The YouTube promotion services find the best keywords for your videos.

5. Audience Retention
What viewers react to your video is an important aspect that needs to be considered. So ensure that the video uploaded by you is liked by the viewers. This helps to have a good ranking. The YouTube Video Marketing India makes sure that the video ranks well.

6. YouTube Video Length
The length of the video uploaded on YouTube should be more than 5 minutes. If the length of the video is less than 5 minutes, then it is not a good factor from an SEO point of view. The YouTube Promotion Packages India ensures that all the factors are kept in mind to have a good ranking.

7. Number of subscription after watching
The number of people who have subscribed to your channel is very important as it helps to give visibility to your channel. Also, the number of subscribers helps to see the growth of your channel. The YouTube Channel Promotion Service makes sure that the number of subscribers keeps on increasing with the Best YouTube Video Marketing India.

The positive comments on the video have a very good effect on videos and the SEO very much. Such comments help to rank your videos on top. These comments are entirely based on the content and the quality of your video. So the YouTube Marketing Company in Delhi ensures to get positive comments on your video by keeping in mind all the SEO tips.

Hence the YouTube SEO tips are very important as they help you to get top ranking for your YouTube videos.