YouTube advertising is a very useful and successful way to connect with your audience on the world’s largest social network. YouTube is a platform that contains 2.0 billion active users per month.
Sure, you feel impressed after knowing about this number of active users. But the problem arises that how to target the right audience and how to make good attention to your product and service to the audience. YouTube ads are the very strongest platform sure it will help you to make your business strong.
If you are facing a problem in targeting the audience on YouTube then you have to know about the YouTube ads types before deriving it.
So need to know about all the YouTube ads and all the ads types.

Types of YouTube ads

• Image ads: These are very simple ads and also a great way to get started with YouTube paid to advertise. You can create one ad with just a few clicks and by boosting your post you can get lots of amount of reach and impressions.

• Video ads: It is very similar to image ads, just with video! According to YouTube requirements, your ads should be using a maximum of 15 seconds or less video for your ads as per the user engagement. Try to tell your information in short or get leave your message across in those 15 seconds to leave a lasting impression.
Always remember that your video ads don’t contain any Film footage. You can also create GIF-like graphics or other animations to capture attention or explain your offer, like in these video ads.

• Carousel ads: In a carousel ad, you can use 10 photos or videos of your product and service
You can use this ad for showing all the information about your product and service, as same as you can use it for showing different products, or even you can also use all the photos together to create one large panorama image.
And also remember that with your image you have to use your “Shop Now” button link through which your audience will directly transfer to your sales pages and get all the information about your product and service.

• Slideshow ads: The video alternative. YouTube gives permission to use multiple images to make a slideshow for your ads. Use any multiple images available which are related to your products or services. YouTube has some tools at the ad creation level which will help you to add effects to your slideshow and music too.

Now the point is which ad will run for getting a good audience. According to my opinion, you have to run a campaign according to your need see if you want to do branding your business then you have to do a brand awareness campaign and use image ads and also video ads, If you want to leads for your business and then you have to use lead generation campaign and leads ads it’s all about to your choice.
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