Facebook is a very wider platform where you can get a huge amount of traffic for your website. When Facebook was launched Facebook was mainly used for conversation but after some time businesses realized that Facebook can also help them with marketing and advertisement and they are started using it to promote their brands.

At this time Facebook plays a major role in online marketing and advertisement. It also helps to make strong SEO of your website. And you can transfer the traffic from Facebook to your website.

How to drive traffic Facebook page to your website

    1. Optimize your Facebook Page to Add Links to your sites

    When you make any Facebook page for marketing your business then you have to optimize it properly like filling your “About” section and adding the button with the links when someone clicks on it so the customer should be redirected to your website.

    2. Add on Call-To-Action button

     You can also add CTA ( Call-To-Action ) button which will help you to engage the audience to your business. You can collect the lead through Facebook marketing easily.

  1. Shop Now
  2. Call Now
  3. Sign up
  4. See your offers
  5. Learn more
  6. Book your Service
  7. Play game

I will suggest you redirect the audience to Facebook to the website you can add the “Learn More” and “Sign up” buttons to your Page.

   3. Publish Content to your Facebook Page

    If you will continuously post your content according to the schedule because If you have a proper goal then without any problem your page will grow easily and increase engagement, Likes, and followers. It is very important to how to you do your Facebook Page management.

Some important points which will you have to follow always while posting

  1. Add Link of your landing page to your Facebook posts
  2. Your content should be original and real
  3. Your content should be related to your business
  4. Make a schedule for posting
  5. Share your content with other groups also.

Here are some campaigns types which are provided by Facebook:-

  1. Awareness

Facebook contains more than 2.7 billion active users per month. We’re trying to bet those people who don’t know about your company. Targeted to the top of the sales funnel, awareness ads also help to build top-of-mind awareness and interest in your product or service. These discovery ads are very perfect for you to tell the audience about your company’s story and connect with new coming customers.

      2. Consideration

Get people to convert to your business, product, or service, and search for more information about it. The consideration ad type helps to target towards the top-middle of the sales funnel. Consideration ads are very helpful for most of your on-site (and in-app) content, including blog posts, podcasts, video testimonials and how-tos, and email newsletters.

     3. Conversion

Conversion Facebook ads exhilarate people to carry out a specific action toward your business or purchase your product or service. It is helping you to target towards the very bottom of the funnel and is aimed at directly increasing your bottom line. Conversion ads are the easiest campaign to measure results, but it’s the cost is much more than the other ad types. Some examples of conversion ads help to send your product and service information to the users directly to a contact or a product check-out page and then send people to convert to your business or complete event registration fill-outs.

These all the things are very important if you are ignoring them then you have face problem to set up a right and effective campaigns.

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