E-commerce allows you to search compare and buy products and services online the flexibility and customer-friendly nature of e-commerce has made it grow into one of the internet’s most widely used services. It has had a major global impact on consumer businesses and the economy over the past decade. Here is an overview of how e-commerce changed life around the world impact consumers. The impact on consumers is probably the most noticeable customer satisfaction is added by a secure payment platform it has been easy for consumers as they can compare prices and products from a wide range of companies instead of being limited to a few which allows customers to choose the best prices. The website further has very fair return policies so the customer is well satisfied all the time impact on businesses a large number of people think that e-commerce has a negative impact on businesses due to the decline in sales of stores and brands in the market they have makes their presence online too.


As it is now easier than ever to compare prices across a wide range of companies despite the much negativity surrounding e-commerce. There are a lot of businesses who have generated revenues in the billions of amazon has crossed higher class brands who have stores as well as an online presence. E-commerce has a positive impact on businesses to impact on the economy has also adapted to the changes. E-commerce has made globally such as stores and shops starting to make the presence online people previously serving as a salesman is not working in warehouses this increases the workload and leads to businesses to hire more people one of the major economic issues with e-commerce.


Companies are the avoidance of tax many companies have been criticized for not paying enough tax on their profits as when selling online their brands location could be anywhere downsides to e-commerce. Many gambling has also gone up since e-commerce was introduced further e-commerce has own from the gateway to fortune activity such as fake websites to steal personal data to Conclude it all. E-commerce has made it easier faster and cheaper for consumers and businesses to buy and sell products and services and the traditional ways are being sacrificed but the world is growing and everyone needs to adapt to the changes.