YouTube Technical Support Services

How to enable Adsense?

If you log in to your Google AdSense account, you will see a message that says, "You have selected to use AdSense on someone else's website.". You grant site access to your AdSense account if you wish to earn revenue on that website.

Clicking on review account access will give you access to YouTube.

Once you enable YouTube to access your account, YouTube will contact you to verify the access. If you disapprove of the Adsense ads shown on your YouTube videos, YouTube won't display them.


How to connect a YouTube channel with another AdSense account?
  • • Join YouTube Studio.
  • • Click the Monetization tab.
  • • The YouTube Partner Program Options list provides details about your AdSense account.
  • • To see a redirect to AdSense, click Change. To re-authenticate, enter your password and choose your preferred method.
  • • You'll be directed to AdSense to link your existing account.
  • • You'll find your YouTube channel's address under "Your site" under your selected account. If all information is accurate, click Accept association.
  • • AdSense is now set up! Follow the instructions to monetize your site.

Get back Hacked YouTube channel
  1. Click on your Google account.
  2. To the left is the Security section.
  3. To quickly login to your account in the future, add recovery options under "Signing in to Google."
    • • For added security, use 2-Step Verification.
    • • Make sure your filters and forwarding settings are correctly set in Gmail. Don't let your email be forwarded to a new email address you didn't create.

YouTube Channel Monetization issues:
  • • Earnings:

    Google's advertising monetization revenue is 45% on YouTube. Unless you're a YouTube partner or a big YouTuber, you can't negotiate this percentage. Ad networks usually take 15-35% of advertising revenue.

    YouTube creators often criticize this huge revenue share.

  • • Lack of advertising data:

    Data on YouTube's audience is limited. Although this data is valid, you do not know who your audience is. How about if the advertiser could receive the names of anyone who clicked on or watched the ad?

    YouTube keeps most of this information. If you owned YouTube data, you could monetize it more with advertisers.

Help to change ownership of YouTube channel:
  • • Manage the YouTube channel for the new owner:

    Ensure that you're logged in with the account that owns the YouTube Channel. And then visit YouTube (make sure you're using the correct account at the top right of the screen). Next, add an admin to the YouTube account.

  • • Give it a day:

    YouTube Ownership can only be transferred to managers after being listed for at least one day.

  • • Access Account Settings to transfer ownership:

    Click on Managers and then transfer ownership from there.